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April 17, 2009



Beautiful quilt and an even more beautiful story.


What a lovely story!!Great work! you are an amzing, amazing friend!!


What an amazing story and beautiful quilt!


what a great testiment this quilt brought.

Lemon Tree Tami

This is a gorgeous quilt ... I'm fond of triangles and color wheels. But what's even more amazing is that you provided something that raised $11K to bring two sisters together. What a great story!!


That is an {amazing} story - what an incredible gift you gave!!! Thanks for sharing it!


What an amzing quilt and even more amazing story! Thanks for sharing!


Such an amazing story and an adorable quilt!
Thanks for sharing!


wow!! this is such a work of art, and such a wonderful story!!


I LOVE this quilt :) And what a touching story.


Oh, and I like yours better then the original. :)


What a wonderful story....just like the fairy tales..."and they lived happily ever after"...all from the heart of a quilter.



This really is a beautiful quilt. Stunning! You are very generous and talented.


What a wonderful story and a fabulous quilt.

Mary-Kay C.

That's a beautiful touching story and you made a beautiful quilt to go with it. You should be proud of yourself. What goes around comes around. One day someone will remember this and do something beautiful for you. Keep on quilting!


What a heartwarming story! This quilt is truly stunning! I would have a hard time giving it up if I had been the one to make it.

Your friend must think you are a miracle worker!


that's a beautiful story and a wonderful quilt. thanks for sharing!


This is probably my favourite entry so far (I've looked at about 80).
The quilt is stunning and the story so wonderful.


Not only is this a gorgeous quilt but a truly heartwarming story. So many kind people in the world.

Liz Boswell

beautiful story and quilt!


Lovely quilt. thank you for sharing it and your wonderful story.

Carol Hansen

Brilliant quilt without the story. Priceless quilt with the story.

Penny G

What a great story. The colorful quilt is a banner to tell the world about the good people who helped the sisters reunite. Your friend was blessed with you as her friend and the kindness of the raffle winner. Life sometimes is grand.


What a great story, this is one the best quilts I have seen so far. I love the color, I am a color person.


thats an awesome story and a beautiful quilt

Amy @ parkcitygirl

You've brought tears to my eyes - what a special gift! The quilt itself is stunning, but the story gives it so much more life. Thank you for sharing.


beautiful quilt!

The quilt rat

The quilt is absolutely stunning. Love it!
But that story? That is the all time best story ever. That quilt is magical in more ways than one


Wow! That's amazing! I love all the colors and the whole design is breath taking!

Micki Butler

It is lovely! This reminds me a bit of the paper piecing patterns of Deb Karasik. I love paper piecing, so I am fascinated by it.


What a beautiful quilt and what a wonderful heart warming story to go along with this. I love it.


What a lovely story .... what a lovely quilt! I'm glad the girls have it.


WOW! That is a really amazing story! The quilt is so gorgeous as well! Really wonderful!


I love the quilt and the story!! What a wonderful story, quilter's can really do a lot of good and send a lot of happiness around. I am a big fan of Judy Niemeyer and just took a class with her for the second time last weekend. I have the Feathered Goose pattern and was thinking of making this as my next one. I love your version! I may have to make one that is similar. Love your color choices.


wow. wow. wow. this is truly a sight! I love the colors, pattern, design, quilting! just everything! way to go!!

Janet Brady

Your story gave me goose bumps. Your friend and the girls are truly blessed to have you on their side. The quilt is absolutely awesome.


This is the BEST story...I have chills. Gorgeous quilt, too!


Beautiful story, stunning quilt! Thanks for sharing!

Mary P

Beautiful quilt, beautiful story.


Thanks, y'all. Jackie, isn't that pattern a stunner? When I got it I didn't know what I'd do with it, just that I wanted to make it.


When I saw the photo of your quilt - OMG! And such a touching story. Great work!


Amazing story. The power of quilts (and quilters!) is tremendous. Truly remarkable.


the quilt is amazing, but the story is even better. I am so glad that you shared it.


That is a fabulous story & quilt. Thanks for sharing!


What a fabulous quilt! The colors and work and just awesome and what a wonderful, wonderful story in how you played such an important part in these families lives.

Cathy ♥

Lisa D.

Wow - your story literally gave me chills. What a beautiful quilt, and an even more beautiful story!


Oh, My this is incredible and what a wonderful story. You are a wonderful friend, this is a gift that can never be measured.


That is a very touching "pay it forward" kind of story and it's a really stunning quilt. You may not have the quilt, but you'll have the memories and the warm inner glow that comes from such an unselfish act. And, I'm sure the adoration of two sweet little girls.


That is a wonderful story, and a stunning quilt.


lovely quilt and the story is wonderful!!

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