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May 24, 2009



Bravo. I sat on the fence about using the fabrics with pink from my Neptune layer cake in a boy's quilt, and landed on the side of no-pink and a smaller quilt. (I think ... though one can always re-think when one has not begun to sew yet.)


Back when we didn't know if Fitz-Hume and Millbarge were boys or girls, I had a relative tell me that the color of the baby quilts I was making was okay...IF THEY WERE GIRLS.

The offensive color in question: purple.

Hang on while I assemble the explody pieces of my brain. So, um, in honor of my inlaws, I would like to express my sincere and utter outrage that anybody anywhere would ever make a baby quilt for a baby that even MIGHT be a boy that includes things other than blue, sandpaper, sawdust and nails.

Or something.


needles (the other kind): Yes, it's pink. A manly pink. Keep up the good work.

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