Baby Face

There was a good article on the Washington Post web site earlier this week about being infertile on Facebook. “Now, when more than a half-billion people use Facebook, couples yearning for children say they are trapped,” writes Ian Shapira. “They are unwilling to detach from the social network, but unable to avoid its frequent reminders — fetal sonograms are seemingly ubiquitous — of what might elude them forever.”

Anita-squareNow, I was never on Facebook during vulnerable times, so I don’t know quite how it feels. I can vividly imagine it, though. Here is how I think it might be, seen from the point of view and the news feed of one totally fictitious Anita Child. (To help me out I’ve called on some old friends. Facebook’s just great for reconnecting with all the people we hated in high school.)


…Do I have the general idea?
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